Weekly Specials

Tight Tuesday – 30 Mins For 30

Barr St Naturopathy specials

This day of the week is dedicated to the ones who feel like they cannot afford a Naturopath but would love to see one. In 30 minutes, we address your main health issue and touch on all other body systems. At the end of the session, I’ll either send you home with diet and lifestyle advice, so you can help yourself at home with no extra cost, or I will also offer you 1 or 2 supplements which would mostly benefit your current situation; keeping the cost as low as possible

Workaholic Wednesday – Open till 6pm

Barr+St+Naturopathy+stress relief

A day where you can see a Naturopath past 5 pm, making it possible to see me after hours. If that is still not late enough, please know that I work on a Saturday as well.

Tummy Thursday – 10% off for Digestive Health Appointments

Barr+St+Naturopathy+digestive health

“All disease starts in the gut” – a wise phrase by Hippocrates is still valid for many diseases nowadays. Come and see me to fix your digestion step by step. No matter if this is just a niggly thing like regular bloating or more severe cases of IBD, IBS, food/ histamine intolerances, systemic candidiasis or similar.

Friday Frenzy -10% off for Mental Health Appointments.

Barr+St+Naturpathy+discount anxiety depression

Stress comes in many shapes or forms, it can be the cause or effect of disease states. Your mental health suffers, your body suffers from it and your adrenal glands at that moment as well. Let me help you feel better. Our minds and hearts are worth it.

Sexy Saturday – 10% off Women’s/Men’s Health Appointments

Barr+St+Naturopathy Natural PMS libido

Having a low libido, PMS Syndrome, trying to conceive and not knowing where to start? Or do you feel you are lacking testosterone, lose body hair or have erectile problems? Try something natural first before you go into hormones or medication like Viagra! Our genitals and intimacy issues need to be talked about. Get it off your chest and treat it naturally first! All information is totally confidential in all my appointments.


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