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Meet and greet, discussion of main concern, touching on other body systems and review and/or optimizing of current supplements taken; this consultation is also good for treatment advice on acute issues, e.g. the common cold if the individual is not taking any prescription medication. A disclaimer will have to be signed for this consult as it is not possible to retrieve all medical/health information about the individual in 30 minutes. A great first step though, into the right direction of prioritizing your health and starting “somewhere”.


This consultation contains comprehensive case taking, potential testing: zinc, urine test (Combur 10), blood pressure; review of current diet, medications and supplements and an initial treatment plan. In this first look at your whole body, mind, and heart, we are on a fact-finding mission to get to know you well. Getting all the information required, we can start to tailor a treatment plan for you and organize any further testing that may be required to investigate your current health status.


During our follow-up consultations, we review our findings or research and/or tests, we discuss how you have responded to the initial treatment plan and discuss the ongoing treatment plan. These consultations may be in a fortnightly or monthly rhythm which is to be decided by the Naturopath on a case by case basis.


This appointment can be taken to get a general overview of your health. We can provide this by checking your blood pressure, pulse, zinc levels, weight, temperature, and Combur 10 urine test which gives us insights on your urine levels of glucose, blood, bilirubin, ketones, leukocytes, pH-levels and more. This can also be a great first step into your journey towards health or an appointment to have once a year ensuring to be on the right track or to identify any significant health concerns that these tests can reveal.

Claudia Koelbl - Naturopath, Earlville Cairns


This consultation contains comprehensive case taking, potential testing: zinc, urine test (Combur 10), blood pressure; review of current medications and supplements, and an initial treatment plan. This is followed by taking pictures of the individual’s irises. After going through the same steps as in the Comprehensive Initial Consultation, a brief insight will be provided on what the Naturopath can see at first glance into your irises. However, the real work on your irises happens outside of the consultation. The Naturopath will analyze your irises after the consultation and collate the results in a report which will be discussed and handed to you at your Follow-Up Iridology consultation.


Following your Initial Consultation with Iridology, you will now receive your comprehensive Iridology report by your Naturopath. Together, you will discuss the findings and the treatment plan deriving from this. The usual rhythm to re-evaluate your irises is after 6 or 12 months, depending on the progress of treatment.

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