Tiredness, Exhaustion, Insomnia – The Natural Solution

Who doesn’t know the feeling of waking up still tired and asking yourself: “how will I even get through this day?”

This kind of fatigue can obviously be triggered by a lack of sleep or a poor sleep quality for a night or two, and that is quite normal and can happen to all of us.

No Energy? Fatigue Symptoms You Should Know

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However, what if this is an ongoing feeling? What if the fatigue is becoming normality and we are just coping with ever-growing amounts of coffee or other stimulants because our sleep doesn’t really do the job anymore?

Cafés make fun of the fatigue many of us are feeling and put funny quotes on their chalkboards outside to attract customers like: “First coffee kept me awake, now it keeps me alive!” As funny as it is, it is also terribly sad that many of us are not able to function without it. Some even use it regularly to alleviate constipation and their digestive system loses its own ability to eliminate naturally. 

Are You Feeling Tired All The Time?

Fatigue has many causes though, and the stimulant intake is just a symptom of what’s going on underneath. Apart from a lack of sleep, reasons for ongoing fatigue could be also mental conditions like anxiety or depression. Fatigue can also be “here to stay” if the individual is suffering ongoing stress at home or at work.

Beyond, there are physical reasons that can trigger fatigue:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Physical manifestations from stress, i.e. burnout syndrome
  • Hormones – which play a big part in our energy levels
  • Nutrition levels – diet and eating habits
  • Heavy metal contamination can also be a reason for constant fatigue.
  • Hydration! Many of us are well and truly dehydrated to make matters worse! 

Sleepy? Low Energy? Exhausted? Depressed?

If the reason for your fatigue is simple, like lack of sleep, and you know that you only need a couple of nights of rest, then do that. Fix it! Your body will thank you for it and you’ll feel so much better! 

If you have no idea why you’re so fatigued and think you need help in figuring it out, then come and visit us at Barr Street Naturopathy. No matter what the underlying problem is, we’ll find it! And we’ll assist you along the way of becoming more and more energetic! We have a whole range of options to make this happen for you – herbal tinctures and tablets, nutritional supplements, amino acids, enzymes, detoxing agents and antioxidants! 

Get Your Energy Back – Fight Fatigue Naturally

At Barr Street Naturopathy we can also do a range of tests if required to find out physical causes of your fatigue, e.g. Neurotransmitter Profiles, Adrenocortex Stress Profile and hormone levels, Heavy Metal and Mineral Analyses, Methylation Analyses, Nutritional Profiles, Food Intolerance Testing, and parasitology or microbiome testing (and many more). 

Let Barr Street Naturopathy be your guide toward a livelier, more energetic you! 

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By seeking a natural treatment for insomnia, fatigue, and stress, you can take the necessary steps to reclaim your life, complete with an invigorated feeling of health and happiness.