Maternity Leave

Maternity Future of Barr st naturopathy
Maternity Future of Barr st naturopathy

Most of my clients know that I am highly pregnant at this stage – either by seeing me in consults, or by my newsletter announcement. In case you didn’t know yet, here it is ….

I’m the proud Mumma-to-be of a beautiful boy!

He is due in December and I’m very excited!

So last day of work was the 9th of November, but I will be staying on social media – providing updates, and keeping true in contributions for my passion on Gut, Anxiety, and Fatigue related issues!

So follow me on Instagram @ barrstnaturopathy or Facebook !

Event – Health, Mindset, And Achieving Your Goals

health meditation for achieving goals

Being Your Best – Overcoming Blockages To Moving Forward

It is my great pleasure to share an event with you, heldĀ as a collaboration between Barr Street Naturopathy and Kamerunga Meditation & Healing Centre.

  • When: 23.10.2019
  • Time: 10am – 12am
  • Where: Kamerunga Meditation Centre, 40 Cowley Street, Kamerunga
  • Bookings via:
  • Price: $25 per person

Moving forward into a space where we can thrive to be our best is a goal that many of us share. However, we are taught from a very young age that if we don’t like something, if we resist it, it will go away. Many of us operate this way and think we bring benefits to ourselves!

Resistance, in any area of life (health, career, relationships, personal development, etc.), creates a bondage of illusion that ties you to itself and stops you moving forward and shuts you down in life and creates emotional blocks.

We are at our worst when we resist. The more we resist the more fearful and emotional we become. Whatever we resist persists, gets stronger and brings loss to ourselves and our families.

Our duty to ourselves and our families is to be grateful, humble, accepting, allowing and flowing.

We stop resisting by being aware, there are many ways of seeing the same situation, and better ways of thinking to clear out the old emotional blocks to move forward into a space where we can thrive and be our best.

This short, 2-hour workshop will help you identify what has blocked you previously in reaching your goals and allows you to fully understand how you can be at your best by removing existing blockages.

There will be 2 presenters:

Myself – Claudia Koelbl – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist

Claudia guides her client’s optimal health by treating the individual as a whole person – their body, their mind, and emotional health. In her experience, she has found that true transformation to health can only be achieved if all aspects, body, emotions, AND mindset are addressed and treated with priority. Her goal is to open your eyes to common blockages that stop you from achieving your goals.

Richard Stoyles – Meditation Coach

Richard has been helping people remove blockages and assist them in moving forward simply by helping people understand what they’re resisting. When you understand what you’re resisting, you can let go and release the blockage.

Richard’s goal is to enable you to see the things you don’t want to see and sit with these so they don’t bother you anymore. At the end of this session, his aim is that you no longer will be bothered by a blockage and ready for a happier, brighter and stronger you!

Hope to see you there!

Kind Regards,

Claudia Koelbl

Mini Health Summit Coming Soon!

Mini health Summit Barr St Markets

Four lovely and very knowledgeable Naturopaths and Nutritionists are teaming up to present to you a Mini Health Summit that is covering Women’s Wellness, Skin Health, Stress Management for busy mums, and Gut Health with a practical day-to-day twist.

The Summit starts at 10am on Saturday 3rd August and finishes up around 12.30pm.

See us there at Barr St Naturopathy – 532 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 4870

Tickets are $25

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event full of valuable information on a wide range of topics in a short amount of time! Save the date!!!

Speaker 1 – Chloe Collins

Presenter No. 1 – Chloe Collins, Nutritionist. Chloe is fantastic when it comes to Women’s Health! We’re glad to count her into our team at the Mini Health Summit as she has great tips helping women to live with a healthy menstrual cycle so that they can become their most authentic self!

Speaker 2 – Nichola Easton

Presenter No. 2 – Nichola Easton – Clinical Nutritionist. She will tell you all about diet and lifestyle required for healthy, radiant skin!
Book in now! Don’t miss out on this great event covering a broad range of topics!

Speaker 3 – Nicole Couchmann

Presenter No. 3 – Nicole Couchmann – Nutritional Naturopath. The Mindful Mummy – Simple steps to survive modern-day stress.

Speaker 4 – Myself ! Claudia Koelbl

Presenter No 4 – Claudia Koelbl – Naturopath here at Barr St Naturopathy. Gut Health – Practical tips to include gut-loving foods every day.