Gut Health – and how to achieve it!

how to achieve gut health

If one was to start from scratch, not knowing anything about what’s best for your intestines, the search on gut health would be rather overwhelming in this day and age. No doubt, your research would take you past symptom checkers, a fair few diseases that you wish you won’t ever get and in every way possible, you’ll find diet recommendations. Some pages will suggest a specific carbohydrate diet, others will suggest no carbs at all but a ketogenic diet. This will keep going so that in the end you’ll find 1000 answers but none that fit to you.

How can you achieve gut health? 

The answer, unfortunately, cannot be given in a sentence, or a paragraph. Every individual is different, and hence, different solutions fit different people. However, the best thing is to speak to a health professional first if you encounter digestive issues. Sometimes, this is your GP, sometimes this is a Naturopath, or both straight away. 

See, let’s say for example you suffer extreme indigestion after every meal you’re having. This could be:

a. due to a lack of Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach, or

b. due to a food intolerance/ sensitivity, or

c. due to a lack of digestive enzymes or d. a part of constipation.

To find out which one it is, you’re best off to visit a health professional. 

Microbiome Testing

In severe cases of digestive issues, the health professional will need to establish if you suffer an actual intestinal inflammation. This can be checked by stool tests, blood tests, and colonoscopies. The Naturopath can then assist in gut healing, supporting with the right foods to eat and necessary supplementation to ensure your digestion is lead back to optimal functionality.

Many a time when your digestive processes are dysfunctional, an imbalance in your microbiome can be the cause. Your Microbiome is the total amount of genetic information of all the tiny bacteria and other microorganisms in your intestines. So if there’s an imbalance, we may show signs of diarrhea, constipation, a fluctuation of both, pain, inflammation, weight gain or loss, changes in your immune system or in general vitality. 

To address this issue, we need to find out where the imbalance lies, then feed the right/good bacteria that are having too small numbers to achieve a balance and supply more of the missing ones. This process is not a quick fix as the ailments that have established itself most often also didn’t happen overnight. So patience is required! 

Barr Street Naturopathy offers microbiome testing through leading Australian laboratories. The testing for imbalances within your gut bacteria is not invasive and is a simple cotton swab stool test. 

Food Intolerance/Sensitivity

If you suspect a food intolerance/sensitivity, Barr Street Naturopathy also offers food intolerance testing. You will not have to have eaten the particular food for a week to find out if you’re intolerant/ sensitive to it. It’s a simple blood test and the pathologist will come to your house. 

If your digestive problems don’t fit into the above categories, don’t despair: there are still many ways to help with herbs, nutrition, minerals and trace elements. Plus, testing possibilities are endless. Just come for a visit or call, and we can see how to help you in the best and fastest way possible! 

In Health, Claudia