Welcome to Barr St Naturopathy – where we specialize in finding natural solutions for gut health, anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia.

Located on Mulgrave Rd, Earlville, Cairns. Conveniently situated in the healthy environs of the Barr St Markets – ideal for anyone looking for genuine naturopathic care in the south Cairns region. Only 5 minutes from Cairns City, and also Edmonton, Bentley Park and Mt Sheridan.

We are leading the way in cutting edge treatments for digestive health using functional medicine – a holistic approach that supports your entire system.

Claudia Koelbl Naturopath Cairns

Barr Street Naturopathy is owned by Claudia Koelbl who is qualified in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine. She lives in Cairns, Queensland and has a German background. After previously completing a Masters in Educational Sciences, she migrated to Australia in 2008 where she started working in Oil and Gas. She has experience with both working in an office from 8am-5pm, as well as in living the offshore life in the North West Shelf. During working full-time, she studied naturopathic studies for 6 years. Already having been able to provide naturopathic consultations since 2014, she has been exposed to a wide variety of ailments. She continuously keeps learning and has a special interest in iridology, the microbiome, stress management, and mental/ adrenal health.

Claudia is an advocate for healthy eating and encourages everyone to improve their wellbeing by improving what they consume every day. She is a strong believer in Hippocrates’ “let food be thy medicine”-statement. In the same breath, she tries to support the idea of producing less waste, growing your own vegetables and reducing the amount of plastic in this world.

Whilst she is dedicated to the way of nature, she does acknowledge the medical system without which she would not be alive today.
Claudia has had an extensive history with the medical system – see her story below.

This is only mentioned at this moment to let readers know that:

1. She acknowledges both – modern medicine and natural medicine,

2. She has no taboo topics; so clients do not have to be afraid or shy to talk about health issues they are concerned about.

The story of Barr Street Naturopathy is still very fresh, but the story of how she started her own business in her dream profession is a much longer one.

To learn more about Claudia Koelbl and her personal journey to wellness, click here.


  1. Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy – Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (now called Australian Institute of Further and Higher Education)
  2. Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine – Australian Institute of Holisitic Medicine (now called The Australian Institute of Further and Higher Education)
  3. Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine – Australian Institute of Holisitic Medicine (now called Australian Institute of Further and Higher Education)
  4. Masters of Educational Sciences (Business Education and Media Education) – Germany – University of Landau